Speed traps be damned! Cobra unveils first radar detector with GPS

The feeling one gets when they receive in the mail a hefty ticket for speeding is extremely bad, but the cop-dodging experts at Cobra have come up with a terrific tool. Cobra's XRS R9G is the first US laser and radar detector that utilizes GPS Navigation to warn drivers of known speed trap cameras. Cobra is keeping track of traps all over the US, and anyone that purchases the $449 device can also load updates from the Cobra website. Cobra is also working towards using GPS to alert drivers of upcoming school or construction zones, as well as giving owners notice when they're about to enter a high risk accident zone.

The XRS R9G also signals the driver of any laser or radar guns, finally giving drivers the trifecta of protection against the unwanted ticket. Like it or not, speed cameras are on the rise, and with smaller cameras being produced all the time, they're getting harder to detect. Cobra's XRS R9G is the first product to market to come up with a solution that gives drivers a fighting chance... to speed and get away with it.

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New Radar Detector Keeps Drivers in the Safety Zone

First Radar Detector with Speed and Red Light Camera Location Alerts in United States - Cobra's XRS R9G - Arrives in Stores This Month

CHICAGO, Sept. 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Drivers will no longer becaught off guard at dangerous intersections thanks to the in-store arrivalof Cobra Electronics' (Nasdaq: COBR) wireless remote controlled radar/laser detector with speed and red light camera location alerts. The virtually undetectable XRS R9G is the first radar detector to be paired with a GPSlocator in the United States. The XRS R9G consists of a main detector, a wireless remote control display unit and a GPS locator.

The GPS locator includes a speed and red light camera location databasewith updates available through http://www.cobra.com. Because speed and redlight cameras are most often installed in high risk areas, Cobra's R9Gwarns drivers to slow down and stay alert when approaching dangerouintersections or strips of highways. Another layer of this technologycurrently in development includes alerts for high accident zones, known as "black spots," as well as school and construction zones.

"Across the country, the number of speed and red light cameras isgrowing exponentially," said Tony Mirabelli, senior vice president ofmarketing and sales at Cobra Electronics. "Our camera detection capabilities in Europe, through Performance Products Limited, combined withour domestic expertise in radar detection and GPS make us the most qualified to bring this new innovation to the United States. Now drivers can stay alert no matter where they travel."

The R9G's unique design makes the device virtually undetectable-helping to deter theft-while its Super-Xtreme Range Superheterodyne(R) (S-XRS(TM)) Maximum Performance 12 Band(TM) Technology with LaserEye(R)ensures detection of the fastest radar and laser guns, including POP Mode.

In order to maintain the R9G's discreet appearance, both the GPS locator and the main radar/laser detector unit mount behind the rearview mirror at the top of the windshield. This placement not only reduces the unit's visibility from outside the car, it also improves its detection range. All of the components are installed inside the vehicle, protecting it from the elements and heat of the engine.

The lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack allows the pocket-sized remote to operate up to 40 hours and includes a two-hour quick-charge option. The product's design also makes it possible to customize mounting locations and easily remove it from the car, further deterring theft.

Cobra's new XRS IntelliLink(TM) remote controlled detectors provide "under the radar" detection at "on the radar" prices. The XRS R9G, including a GPS locator with speed and red light camera database, has an
MSRP of $449.95. Cobra also offers the high-performance product without the GPS locator, the XRS R7, which has an MSRP of $349.95. The products are now available nationally at major retailers and installers.

In addition, Cobra Electronics provides its proprietary speed and red light camera database and alerts in its U.S. line of 2007 mobile navigation products. The company also offers speed camera detection in its European mobile navigation products through Performance Products Limited.

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