Spy Shots: BMW M X5 spotted

BMW has consistently argued that a vehicle like the X5 is not fitting with the whole 'M' philosophy of increased performance through reduced weight but despite this spy-photographers have recently come across a new X5 prototype rolling around the streets of Munich with some very distinct M styling cues. The test-mule was seen sporting a new front bumper with much larger intakes than usual, while the back of the car was adorned with a quad-tailpipe arrangement sitting lower than the usual V8 models.
A further clue to this mule being a high-performance version was the sound of the engine. The photographer claimed it sounded very different to any of the X5's current powerplants, suggesting that it could be a new V10 version or possibly a twin-turbo V8 set-up. The final giveaway is the prototype's performance tires, signalling that we may have a new M car on the way.

We can picture the purists around the world shedding a tear at the thought of BMW adding an M badge to an SUV but if Porsche can get away with selling a sports off-roader, and AMG can pump up the Mercedes M-Class than we suppose BMW could too.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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