In Flux: Peugeot Flux concept coming to Frankfurt

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In Geneva early this year, Peugeot picked from over 4,000 entries to name the Flux as the winner of its 4th annual design competition. Now, the lucky designer who penned the Flux, Mihai Panaitescu, will see his creation built to scale and unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a scant two weeks.

As a refresher, the designers were tasked with creating a concept based around the P.L.E.A.S.E. acronym, which stood for pleasure, lightweight, efficiency, accessibility, simplicity and ecology. Peugeot figured that Mr. Panaitescu hit all the nails directly on the head, and in addition to seeing his concept brought to life, he'll have the opportunity to drive it in the virtual realm when it's incorporated into the Xbox 360 game, Project Gothem Racing 4.

You can read the full press release after the jump and check out a series of renderings in the high-res gallery below.

[Source: Peugeot]


After the Flux car design project was awarded winner of the 4th edition of Peugeot's Design Contest, the team at Peugeot's Style Center began creating a full scale model of the winning project, in close relationship with its author, Mihaï Panaîtescu.

In addition, the project is in the process of being crafted virtually for inclusion in "Project Gotham Racing 4," the racing game developed by Bizarre Creations exclusively for Microsoft®'s Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system.

The Flux project won after a selection period, which inspired the creation of 4,029 projects that came from 113 countries. The projects were posted on the website between September and December 2006.

Beginning in March, the Flux project will be replicated to full scale and presented in Peugeot's booth for the next Frankfurt Auto show in September 2007. Starting in March is essential since it allows the teams in Peugeot's Style Center and Microsoft Game Studios to capture the project and have a design that is true to the author's vision and spirit, in terms of realistic handling and driving sensations.

"Project Gotham Racing 4" is an exclusive Xbox 360 title and will be the latest installment from Bizarre Creations' beloved racing franchise.

"We are excited to work with Peugeot in helping to visualize the future of Peugeot vehicle design. The Flux is a perfect fit for PGR4," said Martyn Chudley, Managing Director of Bizarre Creations. "We were impressed with the innovative and the extreme car designs submitted; We hope that Mihai Panaitescu will be excited when he sees The Flux faithfully created on the Xbox 360. We look forward to adding a lot of 'Gotham' to its chassis!"

From Designer Mihai Panitescu:

My intention was to design a vehicle that pleases it's occupants in every way. It's versatility combined with it's sportiness and the ability to use it in different environments are in my opinion some of the vehicle's strong points.

Either as an explorer of sandy beaches, sweeping mountain roads, or simply commuting in the city, the Flux concept embodies a vehicle that is made to please. It's dynamic shape and open air cockpit make it lively and fun to drive as the occupants are always in contact with their surroundings.

The name Flux was inspired by the continuous change and flow of our daily lives during work and play. The shape also represents this flow with transitions through hard and smooth lines, between straight and curved all of which are characteristics of Peugeot.

A relatively small car (3500cm long by 1650cm wide), it runs on a slim hydrogen power plant hidden in the back along with the tank mounted under the front bonnet. The hood and side body panels are made from plastic, polyurethane for the seats and aluminium for the mechanical parts.

The main components such as the chassis and head protection are metal.
Made up of simple body work (basic intersected volumes) the car is easily produced and accessible to everyone but most of all, it's fun to drive.

Adding to this, the car is also a gaming hub thanks to the integrated Xbox 360 so P.L.E.A.S.E. hop in!!!

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