Zero offers electric off-road motorcycle for $6,900

If a Tesla Roadster is too rich for your blood but you enjoy speed and don't mind two wheeled travel there is now the Zero-X. The Zero-X is a lithium ion battery-powered off-road bike that can be had for about $6,900. Zero Motorcycles is claiming a range of 40 miles and three hour recharge time. The bike weighs in at a mere 120lbs which means quick acceleration and nimble handling. Zero is working on a road-going version of the bike with a longer range and all the lights and other gear necessary for road use. In the meantime if you're into moto-crossing and want to avoid the noise and fumes of a traditional bike you might want to check out the actual riding review that CNET did as well as a video.

[Source: Zero Motorcycles via Engadget]

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