Speculation Over: Hummer HX concept to bow in Detroit. Production H4 to follow.

HUMMER's general manager, Martin Walsh, has put all the speculation about the long-rumored HUMMER H4 to rest, telling those assembled at a dealer conference that the truck will be shown in concept form in January at NAIAS as the HUMMER HX. The HX will become the H4, which is set to arrive in 2010 as a 2011 model. After giving up the details, Walsh then showed the dealers the actual HX concept. According to descriptions given to the website Hummer Guy, the 2-door, 4-seat HX rides on a shorter wheelbase and is not as tall as its stablemeates, yet is easily identifiable as a HUMMER, thanks to familial styling cues like the signature grille and glass-to-bodywork ratio. The doors are completely removable, as are the fender flares and roof panels. In addition, the H4 will have an optional slantback that evokes the original Humvee. One person who spoke to Hummer Guy said it was "like an enclosed dune buggy." Sounds promising.

Ahead of Detroit, pay attention to SEMA, too, as we have it on good authority that HUMMER will show off a couple of concepts based on current product that have a distinct shot at production if reaction is positive enough.

HUMMER's been keeping busy. It's spending money to improve its current offerings ('08 H2 and H3), further expanding the lineup (don't forget those H3T spy shots), and there's more in the pipeline (H4). The Sierra Club's favorite piñata isn't going anywhere, there are just going to be more goodies inside.

[Source: Hummer Guy]

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