Lotus consults on Mercedes S-Class Hybrid

Following spy shots of S-Class Hybrid prototypes leaving the Lotus facilities in Norwich, England, industry insiders have concluded that Mercedes has turned to the British sportscar maker and engineering firm for input on the sedan's hybrid power system.

The upcoming S-Class Hybrid's electric motor sits in front of the front-mounted transmission, and will be coupled to either a gasoline-powered 268-hp 3.5L V6 to produce a combined 300 hp and return 35 mpg, or a 2.2L 168 hp diesel incorporating the latest BLUETEC technology.

Although best known for its chassis consulting, Lotus it seems was brought on to put the finishing touches on the hybrid's sophisticated drivetrain, specifically the mechanism that switches between the conventional and electric motors. No doubt, Lotus has been developing its new specialty in the green arena thanks to its work with Tesla on the all-EV Roaster.

[Source: Autocar via German Car Scene]

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