NASCAR sues AT&T for $100 million

Just when you thought the whole AT&T / Nextel fight was over, NASCAR jumps back in with a counter suit against AT&T. If you remember, a judge said NASCAR had to let AT&T replace Cingular logos on Jeff Burton's car with the AT&T logo after rebranding the company.

In an Associated Press story, NASCAR says when Nextel took over sponsorship of the race series, Cingular and Alltel were grandfathered in and they agreed to follow all NASCAR rules. One rule apparently gives Nextel the exclusive rights to be the only other wireless company to sponsor NASCAR races. NASCAR says Cingular broke that rule therefore breaching its contract and now owes $100 million. NASCAR's suit also asks for the right in 2008 to bar any team sponsored by a wireless phone company other than Nextel.

So far, no official response from AT&T.

Stay tuned for updates to this ongoing legal saga.

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