All your robot CUVs are belong to us: Nissan Dualis viral videos

Click image for a gallery of the Nissan Dualis and its launch event

The new Japan-market Nissan Dualis ( Qashqai in Europe) is a good-looking CUV that will have room for seven in a compact form factor. Nissan's marketing gurus have cooked up four viral marketing ads that feature an 11-foot-tall robot designed by anime creator/mecha designer Shoji Kawamori that's wreaking havoc all over town. The robot's name is Dualis, and it's nicknamed the "Powered Suit." We're guessing that the premise of the spots is that Nissan's new CUV is fun to drive, but when considering the robot's carefree and unpredictable behavior, maybe Nissan is warning us to keep both hands on the wheel.

Take the jump to see all four 20-30 second videos, but we must forewarn you that the recent Transformers previews featured here make what you're about to see look like something ahigh school kid did on his Mac. We don't think the exaggerated shoulder pads on the "Powered Suit" are going to bring back any 80's fashion, either.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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