Twin-turbo, mid-engine Corvette Super Coupe headed to SEMA

Though rumors are still swirling beneath the surface that General Motors may be working on a true mid-engine Corvette that would be sold alongside the next-generation C7 model, no one really expects such a paradigm shifting car to ever see the light of day. That hasn't stopped Phil Somers from American Super Car, who is building a mid-engine car with a Sting Ray body powered by a 1,000-hp, twin-turbo LS V8 for this year's SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Called the V7twinturbo, the car is built on a tube chassis and has an independant suspension that supposedly can handle the stampede of ponies beneath the car's rear-hinged engine cover. Shifting will happen via paddles that operate a Mendeola transaxle, while every other aspect including braking, steering and handling will be top notch, as well. The picture above is of a scale model that's been photoshopped for effect, which is good because those DUB rims need to go.

[Source: MaxChevy via Jalopnik]

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