Reserve a smart for $99? Check your email

smart, the DaimlerChrysler brand that hasn't made a profit since it started making cars in 1998, is taking every opportunity to better its chances in America. If you're dying to get in at the beginning of what will surely be a cult following, you can reserve your smart fortwo with your choice of trim level and colors for only $99 at the smart USA site.

Once you do that, you'll be a smart "insider," and you'll get an e-mail reply telling you all the wonderful things you've, well, paid for. That includes an invitation to the 50-city Road Show that smart will be putting on later this year. You'll have plenty of company: 46,000 other people who have registered for the smart so far. And yes, the $99 is applied to the purchase of the car.

Read the email sent to people who plunked down $99 to reserve a smart in the US after the jump...

The secret decoder ring translation of the e-mail received by smart "insiders":

Dear smart Enthusiast,

It has been four weeks since we launched our $99 Reservation Program and we are pleased to announce that the number of reservations has far exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Thousands of people from all around the country, even from Guam and Puerto Rico, have shown their excitement for this unique and amazing vehicle. We cannot express enough appreciation to all the enthusiasts who logged onto our system to place a reservation and who spread the word about the Reservation Program. Thank you!

fun facts

Based on our current reservations, the most popular smart fortwo model is the value packed and sporty passion coupe. The top three exterior colors for the body panels are metallic red, metallic blue and deep black. And at this time, the states leading the reservation list are California, Florida, Texas and the Tri-State Area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut).

street smarts

As you know, the smart USA team has been very busy preparing our cross-country Road Show that will visit over 50 cities starting in May. Wherever the Road Show stops, local Reservation Holders and smart "insiders" will be invited to attend an exclusive event to learn more about our brand and test drive the new fortwo. Stay tuned to where we will be posting all the tour information within the next few weeks.

The Road Show will introduce the smart fortwo to thousands of people around the USA, many of whom have never even heard of smart. However, since this car is so functional, innovative, and fun to drive, we anticipate thousands of people will be drawn to it like a magnet and place a reservation after just one test drive.

That's why, if you haven't yet reserved your 2008 smart fortwo, you may not want to wait another day. Please click here to reserve your smart fortwo today, and don't forget to tell your family and friends about this unique opportunity. For product information, color choices and general pricing for our three models visit

Again, we appreciate your interest in the smart brand and we thank you for your continued enthusiasm for this amazing vehicle.

Best Regards,

Dave Schembri
President, smart USA

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