More evidence supporting a flagship Cadillac

We like to listen to GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, because he has more experience than just about anybody else in the industry, and because he likes to spill the beans on new product for the General. Blogger Bob confirmed a V12 flagship for the Cadillac brand, and now GM Global Engineering boss Jim Queen is confirming at least the need for a more upscale Caddy.

Queen hit the nail on the head when he told Just-Auto that Cadillac needs a high-end product that's "not yet in the portfolio." Many believe Cadillac will have trouble convincing customers that it is a premium luxury brand until it has an answer for the Mercedes S-Class and Lexus LS, and from Queen's statements, it sounds like he'd like to rectify that situation.

The Cadillac Sixteen was such a revolutionary concept that we feel GM would be crazy not to derive some form of production car from it.. With an available RWD chassis (Zeta) mated to two 3.6L V6 engines on a common crankshaft, GM already has some of the most expensive parts in place. All the General needs to do next is build some very Sixteen-like skin to cover it. Besides, what are we worrying about anyway? Bob said it shall be, and so it shall be done.

[Source: Just-Auto]

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