Rolls Royce making acqisitions in the fuel cell arena

News came through yesterday that Rolls Royce has acquired SOFCo-EFS Holdings LLC in Ohio from an engineering group called McDermott International Inc. This further bolsters Rolls Royce's knowledge and expertise in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technologies.

According to Mark Fleiner, President of Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems (US) Inc.,"We are aggressively growing our global fuel cell capability, and the acquisition of the SOFCo assets aligns with our strategy. From the beginning, our strategy has been to engage the best skills and technology around the world to create the first cost-competitive, highly-efficient fuel cell systems. This acquisition is a critical step on our journey."

It seems that Rolls Royce would like to introduce a stationary SOFC fuel cell shortly. To help with this goal, they have also "opened a new facility at Loughborough University in the UK to pilot the production of ceramic components for use in fuel cell systems."

Thanks for the tip, Linton!

[Source: Rolls Royce, Forbes and PRNewswire]

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