Wallpaper* Ferrari 612 Scaglietti finds a home

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Some of you might recall the custom Ferrari 612 Scaglietti designed by Wallpaper* magazine in a demonstration of in-house bespokery Carrozzeria Scaglietti's personalization skills. If you don't remember, however, here's a link to our original piece on the car. And really, it's not as if we can blame you if you did forget about it. For all its personalized features, including embossed Wallpaper* asterix logos, custom map pockets, and a matching set of luggage, the Wallpaper* Scaglietti lookes basically like any other "pedestrian" 612 on the surface. All the special elements require an up-close inspection to be seen, and the car's custom two-tone Nero/Blu Pozzi finish remains as indistinguishable in photographs as it did 8 months ago.

Still, a custom Ferrari is a custom Ferrari, and this one has a new home in Ireland. The car is now the property of collector Paul Hill, who paid an undisclosed amount for the car.

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[Source: Ferrari GB]

  • Bespoke Ferrari 612 Scaglietti HGTC as designed by the award-winning magazine delivered to Ferrari owner by Charles Hurst Ferrari, Belfast
  • Unique demonstration of Ferrari's Carrozzeria Scaglietti Personalisation Programme which allows customers to create their dream Ferrari
After a series of exhibitions throughout the Ferrari Dealer Network in the UK, the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti which was designed by the award-winning Wallpaper* magazine on behalf of a Ferrari collector and shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the exclusive Salon Privé in July 2006 has been delivered to its owner, Mr Paul Hill, by Ferrari's Charles Hurst dealership in Belfast.

Wallpaper*, the leading magazine for design, interiors, fashion and travel, was invited to design a stylish and sophisticated Ferrari 612 Scaglietti which reflected the desire for a unique Ferrari which defines luxury and taste. Through the unlimited possibilities available in Ferrari's bespoke Carrozzeria Scaglietti Personalisation Programme, the car was specified in a stunning but subtle two-tone paint scheme, with two complementary colours Nero and Blu Pozzi which are also silhouetted in the interior of the car, which has Nero and Blu Scuro leather Daytona seats with Blu stitching.

In addition to the Handling GTC package and F1 gearbox, the car features some truly bespoke elements: dedicated branding on the aluminium kickplates, discrete branding on the leather of the glovebox lid, and a custom-made leather pocket for the magazine's new City Guides. In the tradition of all bespoke luxury goods, the price remains between Ferrari and the customer.

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