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Ferraris are fast, even on snow

Every year press photos emerge from Maranello showing Ferrari's star drivers on the slopes; shots of Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello, Felipe Massa, and now Kimi Raikonnen, smiling as they ski down the Italian alps. And each year, it seems, Ferrari comes out with another branded product. It only makes sense, then, for Ferrari to have made its own set of skis.

The Race Carve GS ismade of carbon fiber, graphite, titanium and aluminum around a wooden core, featuring red phenol parabolic edges that will make even the novice skier at least look fast. The fully-adjustable high-performance plates and bindings are mounted with pins to avoid drilling into the the skis' high-tech materials.

Only 149 pairs are being made, and of course they sell for a very Ferrari-like retail price of $2,994.13. (Strapping them to the roof of your new Ferrari would still be sacrilege, though.)

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