PeTA responds to criticism on Chrysler Group call out

Of course we knew what we were asking for when we posted on PeTA's decision to incorrectly call out the Chrysler Group as a primary sponsor of the Iditarod. We tried to keep the dicussion on the merits of PeTA erroneously referring to DaimlerChrysler as a sponsor of the Alaskan sled dog race, considering that the automaker's only remaining connection to the Iditarod is a single Alaskan car dealer that continues to sponsor the event. We still take issue with the animal rights organization for failing to clearly present the facts to the public in this manner, and for not bothering to get Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda's title right.
Nevertheless, the comments on this post erupted with activity, some of it intelligent discussion on all matters having to do with PeTA and some of it material that led to many members of our community being banned from further commenting for posting offensive material.

While we still take issue with PeTA on the matters mentioned above, we have to give the organization credit for seeking out our original post and submitting a comment in their defense. PeTA member Jennifer O'Connor has posted this comment on the orignal post that attempts to address many of the points made by members of the Autoblog community, and we'll leave it up to you whether or not she's successful.

We were interested to learn that PeTA's president, Ingrid Newkirk, is actually a big car nut. She even helps run a website called, a curious page with a narrow focus that helps journalists learn how to correctly pronounce the many tongue-tying names in the world of professional motorsports.

Again, please keep your comments respectful and on topic.

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