Lamborghini Alar 777 puts the bull under the knife

click above image to view the intricate surface detail of the Alar 777 in high-res

We'll admit right off the bat that we can't tell you much about this car, called the Lamborghini Alar 777. Apparently an Argentinian by the name of Joan Ferci has somehow acquired exclusive rights to build custom Lamborghinis that retain the Italian marque's historic name and feature an official badge of the raging bull on the front end. He's created a pair of models in the past called the Coatl and the Eros GT-1, both based off of the Diablo. The Alar 777 will be the third model produced off of the Diablo platform and debut on March 30th in Buenos Aires. The car will produce over 700 horsepower from the Diablo's V12 motor and reached a claimed top speed of 223 mph. All we have at the moment is this computer rendering of the Lamborghini Alar 77 courtesy of Argentina Auto Blog, which has us wondering how many times Ferruccio Lamborghini will roll in his grave when this thing officially debuts.

[Source: Argentina Auto Blog]

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