Zagato releases additional photos of Diatto Ottovu

click above image for high-resolution gallery of the Zagato Diatto Ottovu

Zagato has released a bevy of new images detailing its Diatto Ottovu coachbuilt sports car that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week. As we told you in our previous post, the Diatto Ottovu was commissioned by a pair of collectors to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Diatto producing its first car back in 1905. Though a couple years late, these pictures prove that patience has paid off. The powerplant for the Diatto Ottovu is reportedly a supercharged V8 sourced from Maserati. The design modern but intentionally incorporates some retro cues recalling the custom horseless carriages Zagato designed and built in the early twentieth century. We'll bring you more live shots of this sexy Italian from the show floor next week.

[Source: Zagato]
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