In the UK? Drive a Caliber, get a Binky. If you're lucky.

You remember Binky, right? The cute little mythical creature who has a potty mouth when it comes to the Dodge Caliber? He's now travelled overseas and, with his language sanitized, has gained a following. Over there, anyone test driving (they call it trialing) a Caliber gets a Binky. Dodge ordered 5,000 Binky dolls and has already given away 3,000. A spokesman for Dodge said they are getting lots of requests from kids. And, believe it or not, searching for Binky on eBay turns up nothing relevant in the U.S. or UK. But there are several "want it now" postings.

So they have only 2,000 Binkys left until the promotion ends on March 31 and crowds of kids clamoring for a Binky. Don't know about you, but it'd scare the **** out of us.

[Source: Auto Express]

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