Shell leaves Australia in a hurry, but Ferrari will be back soon

We reported a couple weeks ago that Shell was pouring big money into furthering its brand association with Ferrari and F1 racing by filming what was projected to be the most expensive television advertisement ever to be produced. The commercial was set to feature a Ferrari F1 car racing through the streets of downtown Sydney, London and New York.

The crew was reportedly all set to begin filming in Sydney last week when they ran into a slight glitch: at the last second, the government in the state of New South Wales denied the film crew the necessary permits to begin filming. When it was suggested that they could obtain the permit by making a certain – ahem – "charitable contribution", the presumably enraged producer called a halt to production and the entire crew packed up and left.

For our readers in Australia hoping to get a glimpse of the Ferraris racing through their streets, you'll know who to blame for the disappointment. All is not lost, however, as a Ferrari street parade is scheduled to run down Melbourne's Lygon street on March 3. The event, which will serve as a combined promotion for the Australian Grand Prix and for Ferrari's 60th anniversary, will feature 60 Ferraris rolling down the closed-off street section, including a modern Ferrari F1 race car.


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