Aw Snap! VW decides to pull suicide ad, too

Though Dan Roth has traditionally written our posts covering the controversy over these suicide-laden commercials, I'm taking this one. Right now Mr. Roth is pulling his hair out and beseeching his infant child never to buy a Volkwagen from those wussy Germans. Yes, no sooner had we published Dan's post in which he praises VW for refusing to pull its "Jumper" commercial, the German giant went ahead and backed down, announcing it would pull the spot at the request of advocacy groups.

Though GM and now Volkswagen have lost Dan's respect, they are getting mad attention on the internet where these banned commercials have attracted a cult following. The GM robot suicide commercial is now widely circulated in its original form on YouTube. The VW spot, however, was quickly yanked from the video sharing site (it used to reside here). No doubt it will show up again within the next ten minutes.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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