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Pardon our dust: Autoblog fixes its search function!

We're a blessed website, for sure. Despite our flaws, you all keep coming back day after day to read us rambling on about cars and such. Believe us, we're as aware of our flaws as you are, and will be devoting our efforts in 2007 to fixing every single one of them. The addition of high-resolution photo galleries was great, and now we're rolling out a new fix for our search function (located in the upper right corner of the site). If you had ever tried to use the search function on Autoblog in the past, chances are you never used it again. That's going to change. The new search works like a charm, accepts multiple search words just fine, allows you to order your results by relevance or date, and even provides Google search results at the bottom of the page. Go ahead and try it, as we're sure it won't be the last time you do.

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