Subaru Australia offering race-prepped Imprezas

Those lucky Australians. Subaru of Australia is offering customers the opportunity to be Cody Crocker for a day (or a season) by piloting their own WRX STi spec.C. That is the Group N, FIA homologated racecar which qualifies for the Production World Rally Championship (PWRC). And although very Imprezive already, the base Impreza WRX STi spec.C is just the beginning. The lucky few who get one of these rally cars can spec it anywhere from wild to race. The Subaru base motorsport package starts at $69,990 and ranges up to the full Production World Rally Championship (PWRC) version at $195,000. Those are Australian dollar figures, in case you're wondering.

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[Source: Subaru Motorsport via The Car Lounge]

Whichever level you choose, you get an FIA homologated multi-point roll cage, as well as race seats and harnesses. Subaru Motorsport has the full rundown of the different packages but basically the entry level package adds fire extinguishers and uses the standard spec.C suspension and engine tuning for entry into the world of rallying on gravel or street. The Tarmac ($87,990), Subaru National Tarmac ($125,990), Turn key (ready to race) Subaru Factory Tarmac ($160,000), Subaru Gravel Rally ($92,990), Subaru National Rally ($128,990), and Subaru PWRC ($195,000) round out the package offerings. These cars can be used by anybody from hobbyists all the way up to people who want to contest WRC or Asia Pacific Championship events. Racing being what it is, replacement parts will also be available through STi retailers. That's quite an upsell for dealers when customers come in looking for an Impreza.

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