2007 Cadillac BLS Sport on sale in Europe with diesel option

The new 2007 Cadillac BLS Sport model has just gone on sale in Europe to extend the BLS sedan lineup. "Sports" features include bigger 18-inch wheels, lowered sports suspension, and chassis tuning to take advantage of the powerful engines available and to give more dynamic handling performance without compromising comfort.

Engine options include two 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engines which output 129kW / 175hp and 154kW / 210hp, while a 2.8 liter V6 unit puts out 188kW / 255hp. Also available in the Sport range is a direct-injected, common rail turbo-diesel engine fitted with a maintenance-free diesel particulate filter, developing 110kW / 150hp plus, no doubt, a mountain of torque. Transmission options are six-speed manual or an automatic with a "Sport Mode". The interior features aluminium trip instead of wood and a tweaked instrumentation panel, along with a three-spoke leather steering wheel.

[Source: GM]

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