Staying Special: Chevy to tone down use of SS label

How often do we see a so-called "sports" version of a car where the manufacturer has clearly forgotten the "sports" part? The Chevrolet Malibu SS comes to mind (along with many others), but GM says "No more!" having over-diluted the SS label.

According to global design VP Ed Welburn, "Not every car that has some extra features and fancy racing stripes can be an SS".

Witness the new Equinox Sport, whose lack of an extra "S" on the label seemed conspicuous when we reported on its debut just days ago. Although it's packing a throaty 263-hp V6, Chevy evidently wanted not to over-sell it and over-use the SS label, and so they didn't. (The thought that they could bolt on s supercharger or shoe-in a V8 for a future SS is mouthwatering, though pure speculation at this point.)

We just hope the Equinox Sport (and other modestly-named performance models) will be met in the marketplace with enthusiasm, because this is the kind of integrity we could stand to see more of from manufacturers.

[Source: Detroit News via Motor Authority]

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