Wolfgang Berhnard will be a no-show in Detroit

A couple days ago we told you about speculation that VW brand chief Wolfgang Bernhard might leave VeeDub and return to his old haunting ground at DaimlerChrysler. While it's just a rumor, we have another rumor that just adds fuel to the burning question of whether or not Wolfgang will stay or go. Reuters is reporting that Bernhard will not be attending the Detroit Auto Show in January. Let's phrase it another way, the head of a major automotive brand will not be attending the largest international auto show in the world of the year. Nobody skips NAIAS, even if they want to. We don't know why Bernhard will be a no show, but here's the speculation comes in. Is he so deep in talks with VW Group management about cancelling his contract and leaving the company that he just doesn't care about attending the show on his future ex-brand's behalf? Will his absence be a statement of defiance aimed at the VW Group's new chief, Martin Winterkorn? Will he be spotted touring the German countryside on the back of the Tomahawk, remembering fondly the times when he and Dieter Zetsche would go slam down some pints with the union boys at DCX? Who knows, but we'll miss the theatrics Bernhard has been known for in the past. Either way, he can read about everything that happens in Detroit right here on Autoblog.

[Source: Reuters via Automotive News]

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