Car-to-car communication of the future

We've all seen a friend driving in the next lane and wanted to just shoot the breeze. We can do that with our cellphones, a sometimes clunky solution and often not entirely wise. Norweigan Designer Lieke Ypma has an idea that aims to streamline the communication process and make it safer, Carhood. Aiming to engender a neighborhood spirit among drivers, as opposed to the kill or be killed gladiator mentality out there today, Carhood enables a wireless LAN connection with a 300 meter range. Rather than fume silently, you and your cohorts can conduct a social round table as you sit in gridlock. If you want to communicate with another Carhood equipped vehicle, you call them using a roof-mounted module. The driver of the other car finishes the connection and away you go, kinda like a more-complicated version of the CB radio. While it appears to be mostly a concept at this point, Carhood was exhibited at Berlin's Designmai festival and the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium is working on getting manufacturers and suppliers to equip vehicles with WLAN technology in the name of enhanced safety. What we really want to know is will Carhood enable you to go berserk on the person who just cut you off? That seems like a much better solution than trading gestures while rocketing down the highway.


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