German Chancellor admits to buying license

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has admitted that she was a bad driver who resorted to a fairly common indiscretion while trying to earn her driver's license. She says she paid her driving instructor a little something extra to speed up the process a bit.

Chancellor Merkel confessed to this in a recent article in Bild am Sonntag newspaper. She said that when she was 26 years old and a student driver in East Germany, she was repeating some lessons two to three times as often as other students. That meant she had to delay taking her driving test, unless she could find another way to expedite the process.

She says she ended up "tipping" her tutor to speed things up. A friend clued her in to the fact that offering her instructor "tips" would get her to her goal much more quickly. And it worked. "I got my license after that right away," Merkel said.

Apparently this was a pretty common practice in many communist countries before the fall of the Iron Curtain and German reunification in 1990. This is sort of like admitting you inhaled. We applaud her candor and hope her driving has improved.

[Source: Reuters]

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