Pixar's "Cars": Ahhh, that new DVD smell

Sure, " Bullitt" had a few nice cars in it. So did " Gone in 60 Seconds". But in Pixar's, " Cars", nothing but sweet, sweet animated automobilia. November 7 is the day you can park a copy right in the middle of all your other DVD tributes to transportation. Unless they're alphabetized, of course. Then "Cars" would be more toward one side or the other. But we digress.
One Amazon reviewer says the "Cars" DVD is somewhat slim on the extras we've come to expect from Pixar releases, but buyers at least get a new short, a behind-the-scenes, some deleted footage, and at least one Easter egg bonus. Australians got their copies on Oct. 25, and if you don't mind spoilers, here's a complete review of the disc and all its extras.

"Cars" on DVD should be in U.S. stores Nov. 7, several online retailers are taking pre-orders now.

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