What's all this then? Lambo LP640 for London Met Police

Exactly how fast are British motorists driving, anyway? Apparently the Renault F1 car just wasn't enough for their highway patrol, so the London Met Police have procured a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 into their motor pool.

Unlike the Italian police who received a patrol-prepped Gallardo pursuit vehicle from Lamborghini, it looks like (as with the F1 car) the London bobbies won't actually be keeping or using this car, admitting (or reassuring British taxpayers) that the exotic was not actually paid for with public funds. Most of the Lambo's grey paintjob was left in tact, with yellow and blue checkers pasted down the sides and lights on the roof.

The car is part of an exhibition at the MPH '06 car show in Birmingham. The photo shoot reportedly had to be hurried as the spectacle was in danger of causing traffic accidents, and during the eight miles the constables drove it, it was pulled over twice by other curious cops.

[Source: Piston Head]

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