GM tacks on two extra years of OnStar for mobility-adapted vehicles

General Motors announced today that in addition to the standard free year of service that comes with every vehicle equipped with OnStar, customers purchasing a GM vehicle with aftermarket equipment for the disabled will receive an extra two years of free OnStar service. The deal works through GM's Mobility Reimbursement Program that since 1991 has been reimbursing disabled customers an extra $1,000 when they buy or lease a GM vehicle and adapt it with one of 35 eligible aftermarket mobility modifications such as scooter hoists, wheelchair lifts and GM's own Sit-N-Lift Power Seat. GM sees OnStar as a service that provides additional benefits to the disabled and seniors with its ability to make hands-free calls, 24-hour emergency assistance and remote door unlocking capabilities, among others. After a person's three years of free service ends, the cost of continuing OnStar would be either $199/year for the Safe & Sound plan or $399/year for the Directions and Connections plan that includes turn-by-turn navigation.
[Source: GM]

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