BMW M3 to debut in late 2007, for sale 2008

According to down under, a new M3 is still a year away from launching. In an interview with Ulrich Bruhnke, head of BMW's M division, he confirmed that the high-po 3-Series will "definitely" debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show next September. With a debut that late in the year, it's safe to assume that the new M3 will be on sale sometime in early 2008.

For the few people that haven't kept up on the speculation, the new M3 will come equipped with a 400-420 HP V8, and although exact displacement has yet to be confirmed, it's a sure bet that BMW will continue to strive and achieve the 100 HP-per-liter its extracted in past M cars. All those ponies will most likely find their way to the wheels via a 7-speed SMG, although, much like the M5, a manual version may be available at a later date.

Per usual, all we can do is wait, and then, wait some more.


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