Our Country, Our Truck: GM's Silverado marketing campaign

The PR people at GM have described their new line of GMT900 pickups as, "the most important product release in General Motor's history," and it very well may be. With a new player in the market in the form of the Tundra and a new F-150 due in the near future, the General is banking on the Silverado and the Sierra to shore up the pickup truck segment in its favor.

To that end, its new ad campaign is aiming directly at who GM feels is its target demographic: rural, married men who love their families, their jobs and their country.

The new spots, which will debut during Monday Night Football, are a look back on the last 50 years of American culture, including the good, the bad and the profound. John Mellencamp serenades over images of baseball, farms and other assorted Americana, including an image of the "Towers of Light" that emanated from Ground Zero after the attacks of 9/11 and, oddly, an image of an atomic bomb test.

Our blogging brethren over at Jalopnik have a full report from the media event they attended and give a more detailed synopsis, along with some analysis of the General's newest ad campaign.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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