We're certain that we're not the only ones that shake our heads in disgust when we roll by a gas station (and bow our heads in shame when we actually have to fill up). With the price of gas starting to come down, we certainly all are a little puzzled about what influences fuel prices. Howstuffworks.com comes to the rescue with a overview about what factors control the price of gasoline and the price of oil. While this is far from an exhaustive analysis at the elements that influence energy prices, the article does provide more in-depth analysis about the hot button topics in the economics of fuel.

The only explanation that we did not see is how oil companies are making record profits with oil AND its derivative product, gasoline, at such high prices. We want to see a step by step look at each stage in the process from well to wheels, and where each side takes its cut. Otherwise, the howstuffworks.com article does give more time to the subject than we typically see in other media outlets. So get going and find out what goes into making a $3.00 gallon of gas.

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