Business-class touring: Lotus Europa reviewed

So you have an Elise and are tired of seeing Cayman owners get out of their cars in a couple of seconds, looking all relaxed and happy. You've grown accustomed to wearing knee and elbow pads and have gotten used to those eight Advils a day to help with the aches and pains associated with piloting your little go-kart. You've even began surreptitiously looking at Porsche brochures because the rumored Esprit seems so very far away. Well, this here Europa S might be the answer to your prayers. At least if you live in Europe.

Car magazine just finished a review of the Europa S and it seems impressive. Slightly larger than an Elise/Exige and quite a bit heavier at almost 2200 lbs., it still managed to capture their hearts with its immediacy of throttle and steering reaction. The GM 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder puts out 197 hp in this application and has an instant but smooth power delivery. Praised too were the brakes, steering, shifter, ride and handling, as would be expected from a Lotus.

[Source: Car magazine U.K.]

Although the plus-sized cabin, carpets and storage space were also appreciated, Car did have a few complaints about styling and ergonomics, and their verdict wasn't overly enthusiastic. The back does look a little like a Crossfire met a TVR for a night of fun. But overall it seems like something we'd like in our garage. We hope Lotus has the good sense to bring this car to the States with maybe another 40-60 hp so we can decide for ourselves. Click through for the whole story and more photos.

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