And now it's time your friendly Autoblog PSA. Martijn over at Fresh Creation ran across this very convincing commercial on YouTube that espouses the life saving benefits of wearing one's seatbelt. Does anybody not wear a seatbelt nowadays? (As of 2001, 73 percent of people in the U.S. were buckling up.) I can still remember a time when it wasn't cool to strap in, but enough berating by the parents and my first time out on a racetrack was enough to change my mind and make it stick. Seriously, regardless of whether your car has two, four or ten airbags plus a collision avoidance system, a seatbelt is your best bet in an accident.

The commercial is beautifully done, though perhaps a bit morbid. For any of you seatbelt strapping stragglers out there, hopefully it does the trick.

[Source: YouTube via FreshCreation]

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