Camaro, eh? Oshawa plant tapped to build Chevy's ponycar

Several readers alerted us to a report out of Canada on Friday stating that GM has selected its Oshawa, Ontario plant to build the new Camaro. A formal announcement is expected on Monday.

The news caps a good week for the Canadian Auto Workers union, who also learned that GM's plans to eliminate 1,000 jobs in the city were scuttled because Impala sales are so strong. That, plus the Camaro announcement, clear up the picture for the 2 years remaining on the CAW's contract with GM, during which no permanent layoffs are expected at the Oshawa facilities, according to sources who spoke to The Globe and Mail.

General Motors is expected to detail plans to create a flexible manufacturing facility in Oshawa with an annual production capacity of up to 500,000 vehicles, including the Camaro. Reports put GM's annual sales projections for the new musclecar at 100,000 units. The Zeta rear-drive platform that it will be built on is expected to be used for a host of other GM vehicles in the pipeline.

Thanks to tipsters bojac, CTG and Matt D!

[Source: The Globe and Mail]

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