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Jeep Compass gets dissed by consumer panel

The Jeep Compass might be turning the heads of some consumers looking to the trail-rated brand for something new, but the ten members of the Detroit News Automotive Consumer Panel weren't impressed. While all ten said they would recommend the vehicle's sibling -- the Dodge Caliber -- to their friends, and six said they'd consider buying a Caliber themselves, just two of the ten would recommend the Compass to family or friends and none would consider buying one themselves. Calling the vehicle "ugly" and identifying it as something that is completely at odds with the Jeep brand, the panelists overwhelmingly gave the car two thumbs down after driving a few around town during the month of July.

Said one panelist, "Jeep, to me, no longer can justify having that 'rugged' reputation attached to its brand name. A Jeep is supposed to bellow 'run me into the ground.' Instead, this Jeep says, 'You guys want to go to the mall?'"

Let's hope, for Chrylser's sake, that the new Compass will overcome the opinions of these ten.

[Source: Detroit News]

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