Intelligent vehicle monitoring systems are nothing new. Whether it takes the shape of active cruise control, lane departure warning systems or a device that can measure the eye movement of a driver and then deliver a pulse through the steering wheel to ensure the motorist doesn't fall asleep, all these gadgets seek to curb the inherit problem of basic human error.

Speeding though is one area were few achievements have been made. That may all change with a new device manufactured by Australian company, Seeing Machines Ltd. In an effort to reduce speed related crashes and limit the amount of tickets being issued to drivers who push the mandated velocity envelope, Seeing Machines has developed a logical, albeit intrusive, solution.

A camera mounted on the windshield has the ability to recognize signs posting the legal speed limit. The camera then detects the speed the vehicle is traveling and, depending on the users configuration, begins sounding a series of beeps to alert the driver of the their infraction. Another system, based off the same hardware, can actually apply the brakes of the vehicle if the driver does not comply with the previous warnings. Although this system has proven useful, Seeing Machines has found that most drivers prefer to have absolute control.

If all goes according to plan, we should start seeing these devices for sale within the next two years.


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