For your viewing pleasure we've stitched together this video of the upcoming Volvo C30 hatchback that will be officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September and have to say that this little hatch looks even better while in motion than it does in a snapshot. Though the comments have been somewhat divided as to whether the C30 is attractive or absolutely heinous, we dig it and are looking forward to seeing it in person at the Paris show. We're particularly interested in testing out the back seat, as neither pictures nor this video reveal how comfortable the second row of seats will be.

As a side note, we received an email today from Volvo inviting us to check out the brand at this year's SEMA show. Front and center in the email was a picture of the C30, indicating that Volvo may be aiming at the aftermarket with its new hatch.

(For all the official info released so far on the Volvo C30, check out our previous post here)

[Source: Volvo]

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