Lincoln MKZ gets another name change

Will a Lincoln by any other name sell as sweetly?

The Zephyr/MKZ has racked up a good number of sales for Lincoln despite the brand's best efforts to confuse buyers over its name. Originally dubbed the Zephyr for its inaugural year of sales, Lincoln decided to quickly change the car's moniker to MKZ, pronounced "Mark Z," so that it would better jive with upcoming models like the MKX luxury crossover utility vehicle. After an earful of complaints from dealers, however, Lincoln's entry-level luxury sedan will henceforth be known as the (drum roll, please...) MKZ, pronounced "em-kay-zee." Funny, that's how we've been pronouncing "em-kay-zee" this whole time. Talk about a solution looking for a problem... sheesh.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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