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TVR doing well, rehires laid-off workers

It appears the on-again, off-again prospect of TVR possibly closing its doors has boosted sales of the British sports car brand. Sales are up so much, in fact, that TVR has rehired the workers it temporarily, then permanently, laid off back in April.

TVR says the upsurge in sales occurred when the company announced its relocation plans, but we're of the mind that collectors wanted to hoard the remaining models being produced. Either way, the influx of funds has allowed Nikolai Smolenski, TVR's owner and CEO, to bring his workers back into the fold.

TVR is currently relocating its factory, but has made an arrangement with Blackpool officials to remain within the city's boundaries. Mr. Smolenski also expressed his determination to expand TVR's lineup and grow its distribution throughout all of Europe and the U.S.

[Source: 4Car]

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