"Talladega Nights" brings NASCAR to the big screen

While Days of Thunder and Driven taught us what happens when Hollywood tries to take automobile racing seriously, it appears that the upcoming Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby will be funny in the intentional way.

Will Ferrell plays Ricky Bobby, a dominant NASCAR driver "who could only count to number one". The "big hairy American winning machine" is accustomed to placing first, with his childhood friend Cal (played by Days of Thunder vet John C. Reilly) close behind him. However, things get tough when a leg-shaving French Formula One driver (Sacha Baron Cohen, best known to most of us as Ali G) challenges him for the top spot. The trailer reveals plenty of spoofing on previous racing movies, and we're betting that the combination of Ferrell and Cohen will produce comedic gold.

The film is scheduled for an August 4th release in North America.

[Source: Sony]

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