Looking for something in a Chevrolet Caprice Estate? CWW Designs is happy to oblige

The advent of photo manipulation programs like Adobe Photoshop have ushered in an era where its quite often hard to distinguish between fact and fiction-- sheet metal and pixelated musings of digital airbrush artists. For some publications, it's even an opportunity to fudge spy shots into convincing 'artist's renderings' purporting to represent future models. But for others like André Schaefer of CWW Designs, it's an automotive art that allows one's creative juices to flow, if only to create a virtual dream garage.

The Chevrolet Caprice Estate seen above is but one example of Schaefer's work. The Koln, Germany based artist has a whole library of virtual vehicles based on production models, 'blue sky' future concepts and vintage classics.

As Schaefer has been on the photo manipulation scene for quite some time now, Autoblog readers may have already seen some of his handiwork, but as he's constantly adding new designs, the CWW website is absolutely worth a second look.

Click through to the jump for more of Schaefer's work, along with a link to his website.

[Source: CWW Designs]

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