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Blackpool makes last-ditch bid to keep TVR

TVR's lineup of sporting machines are known for their ability to give owners the potential of a speedy getaway. But the British automaker's owner, Russian Nikolai Smolenski, is being afforded no such courtesy by Blackpool authorities who remain eager to keep the firm's operations in town.

The town's council chiefs reportedly met last week with various TVR bigwigs in an eleventh-hour bid to convince the sportscar builder not to close its Bristol Avenue factory, stranding some 260 employees. A move to another part of Britain or another global location remains on the table.

Among TVR's wishes is rumored to be a larger site with more acreage for future expansion, along with improved access to roads and an airport. A deal has been tendered to TVR by city officials, but the issue remains undecided. Neither the city nor the company has set a timetable to resolve the issue.

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