The idea of a 49-day, 8,000 mile drive  from South Africa to England would seem to suggest something rugged and roomy-- a Land Rover Range Rover, perhaps. But a trio of lightly-modified MINI Cooper S hot hatches have just completed the trek, having ventured through 10 countries (including Botswana, Egypt, and the Sudan).

In order to make the sojourn on questionable (occasionally non-existent) roads, MINI prepped the cars by boosting ground clearance to 230mm (around 9"), reworking the shock absorbers and fitting steel wheels wrapped with more durable tires. Rear seats and interior trim was jettisoned in order to free storage space for the requisite pair of spare tires, along with food and sleeping provisions.

The epic trip began March 8 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and wended its way to the MINI's plant in Oxford.

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