Video: Would you buy a vehicle from the 'King of Cars'?

While on a quick jaunt to Las Vegas this past weekend, we happened to catch word of the self-proclaimed "King Of Cars," a.k.a. 'Chop' of Towbin Dodge. The rapper-turned-car salesman couldn't have found a more appropriate venue than the booming car-crazy city in Nevada, where he and his salesmen (posse?) move serious quantities of iron in a deeply unconventional fashion. Flanked by a car-selling blue genie (the Flava Flav to his Chuck D Bubba Sparxxx) and a motley cast of characters, Chop has apparently run a weekly infomercial (appropriately dubbed 'The Chop Show') for nearly ten years. More than a long-running bit of late-night comedy, the advertainment has made him a local celebrity and a rich man. The schtick has been so successful that Towbin Dodge now boasts its own line of customized Dodges ('Chopper Edition Chargers,' etc.), and the show consistently receives top ratings.

Earlier this month, reality television came calling (as it seemingly always does), with A&E rolling out a new series based on Chop and Towbin Dodge, which airs Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern. The show, King of Cars is one that Autoblog readers will likely compare with a train wreck, but we've a sneaking suspicion it'll find its way onto 'guilty pleasure' TiVo lists with a lot of you.

Of course, Chop's shop has its share of detractors, and not just those who aren't fans of the dealers' unorthodox delivery-- Towbin Dodge has spawned its own internet site for disgruntled customers. <--- (Please note that site contains some links to explicit content)

Be sure to click on the photo above for a video preview of the show, then weigh in with your comments, especially if you've caught the show.

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