All the available production for Pontiac's Solstice, Saturn's Sky and Chevrolet's Corvette is sold out for 2006, according to General Motors product czar Bob Lutz. Citing the fast-selling sports cars as evidence that GM is fully capable of building vehicles that people want to buy, Lutz also pointed to Chevy's successful HHR as another new vehicle that's selling well without big incentives. HHR annual production has more than doubled (to 132,000 units) to meet demand.

In a speech to the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce earlier this week, Lutz took a swipe at everyone from President Bush ("GM is going to have to learn to compete.") to Fortune Magazine ("In product design, [GM] lost the magic long ago.") by pointing to the success of GM's latest "awful, boring products"-- not only its sports cars, but also its new SUVs and the Chevy Impala, which is the third-best selling car in the U.S. at 250,000 units per year.

[Source: GM]

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