eBay hosting pair of Tinsel Town trucks

eBay seems to be the place for moving pictures to unload their four-wheeled props as of late. Currently on the virtual block are a pair of pickups, one that's an Oscar Best Picture nominee and one that's really liked by a guy named Oscar.

The first is the truck driven by Jack Twist (played by Jake Gyllenhal) in the movie Brokeback Mountain, a 1950 GMC half-ton with nearly 61,000 miles. It still has its original engine that is reportedly in superb working condition, and its interior has been restored as per the movie. See the eBay auction here.

The second truck is a true Blue-Light Special: Larry the Cable Guy's 1977 Chevy half-ton, as seen in the movie Health Inspector. Unfortunately, this hauler isn't in as good a shape as Mr. Gyllenhal's truck. Actually, it's not even street legal and wears its salvage title as a badge of honor. However, proceeds of this auction, go to diabetes research.

[Source: Calgary Sun and Car Buyer's Notebook]

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