Dutch navigation company TomTom has announced a new line of portable nav devices and a range of new services and content, as portable navigation devices continue to attack the market for embedded automotive navigation systems.

TomTom will roll out its new 910 and 510 models in North America and Europe, and a mid-range 710 model in Europe. The new models feature:
  • larger 4-inch screen
  • improved GPS performance
  • a desktop PC "HOME" dock and HOME software to manage, download and store TomTom content
  • enhanced hands-free functionality
  • included map coverage for the U.S., Canada and Europe, for all you jet-setters
  • integrated MP3 player (and iPod integration)
  • text to speech functionality

The company is also rolling out its TomTom PLUS content and service offering for the U.S. and Europe, adding audiobooks, improving weather coverage and adding road conditions to its realtime traffic service.

Look for the new products to hit the shelves around the middle of April.


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