Is General Motors’ embattled CEO, Rick Wagoner, close to resigning? The Car Connection is reporting that the GM water cooler rumor mill is crankingup, and we’ve got to admit that we heard a substantive rumor or two about the executive’s pending RenCen office cleaning during media days at the Chicago Auto Show last month. That said, most of the aforementioned gossip tidbits came with a timetable that has since come and gone (largely thanks to some postponed legal deadlines, etc.).

The question is, who would be bold (foolish?) enough to step into the breach and fill Wagoner’s vacancy? Kirk Kerkorian’s right-hand man, Jerry York, has been mentioned, though he hasn’t even fully warmed his new boardroom seat yet. To be sure, the General has shown positive signs in recent months, but it remains mired in systematic problems that appear increasingly unlikely to be fixed without navigating a much harder trajectory (read: bankruptcy).

What do you think... is Wagoner on the way out? Would his departure help or hinder GM's fortunes? Weigh-in by leaving a comment.


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